Posted on Friday 22nd February, 2019

Tips and Lane Etiquette for Masters Swimming.

Work Together!

Make sure you are swimming in the correct lane according to your ability. Work together so everyone has a good swim.

Keep space!

Work out your order in your lane for each set. Set off at least 5 secs apart – if possible 10. DO NOT swim on someone’s feet – it is drafting and you get no benefit.  The person in front is doing all the work. If you stop during a set, be aware of others when you take off again – do not take off just before /straight after – leave space.


Turn in centre or on RIGHT side of lane. When you have stopped or need a rest, keep on the LEFT (when facing wall) to keep out of the way of other swimmers! At the end of a set, make sure the people behind you can finish – move to the side. 

If you any problems/questions – just ask. Remember you know your own limitations and if you feel unable to do something just say. Remember we are Masters Swimmers.

Anne Smyth (on behalf of the Coaching Team)

MSNSW Coaching Team Leader /  MSNSW  & MSA Coach of the Year 2014