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How do you know when you’re ready for squad?

Have you ever been at a public swimming pool early in the morning to find the lanes jammed full of swimmers looking up at a coach at the end of the lane? If they’re not looking at the coach, they’re

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Coaching Corner: Bilateral Breathing.

Why swimmers should be encouraged to breathe both sides. Swimmers who only breathe to one side often have a number of stroke flaws which tend to develop when breathing to only one side. These include crossovers, scissor kicks, timing problems

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Official’s & Coach’s – Polo Shirt Orders!

Official Masters Swimming NSW ‘Coaches’ Polo Shirts and ‘Officials’ Polo Shirts are available to order via the Masters Swimming NSW office.  To order your shirt, please download the form below, complete and forward to the MSNSW office ASAP.    Coaches

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Coaching Tips: Body Position.

When coaching swimmers, one of the first areas to observe is the body position in the water. It is essential a streamlined body position is maintained to enable the swimmer to move through the water with the least resistance. A

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Investigating a Tempo Timer

After a few years of avoiding using a tempo timer ( excuses included bing too busy, just got to swim the set, don’t know how to work it etc), I reluctantly used a tempo timer last week. Greg Gourley (who is a

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Masters Swimming NSW Coaching Checklist for the Start of 2019

Swimmer Goals Have you talked to your swimmers and recorded what their goals for the year are? This may be as simple as to keep swimming, more specific as to improving my catch or aimed at targeting events and improving

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How to Train Like an Elite Athlete (Without Having to Be One!)

Words by Nicolai Morris Too often I see masters swimmers or triathletes train in the pool for a specific distance (1km+) or time, slog up and down at a continuous pace without stopping. For a period, (especially if untrained or

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Race Pace, Race Feel by Mark Morgan.

This is the third in a series of columns designed to help you swim at your best at meets, or just appreciate your swimming experience more. In my last column ‘Types of Training’ under the banner of ‘Quality’ training I

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Taper and the ‘Older’ Athlete by Coach Karlyn Pipes

The “big” meet looms on the horizon. All season long you have worked hard, met training goals and maintained focus. Now comes the taper. Yikes! How long should you taper? How much should you train? What happens if the taper doesn’t work?These are

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