Masters Swimming Australia has migrated its membership and meet entry system to a new platform, Swim Central, in partnership with Swimming Australia. This year, membership renewals for the 2023 season will be available from November 1, 2022.
Swim Central is a membership and event entry system that is specifically designed to empower swimmers to participate in, and administrators & coaches to run, community swimming.

This new platform utilises the Stripe internet payment system for all membership, merchandise & meet entry payments. Stripe makes moving money as simple, borderless, and programmable as the rest of the internet, and it processes hundreds of billions of dollars each year for small and large enterprises.

All existing 2022 MSA members have had their profile migrated to Swim Central, and will have received an email with instructions to sign in and set a system password. 

New members for the 2023 season – please refer the the instructions  in the FAQs on the MSA website to create a new profile in Swim Central and purchase a club membership.

Find a club near you; see a detailed listing by geographic region, or view locations on a map.
Anyone interested in joining a MSNSW club for the first time may join on-line through Swim Central (download instructions on how to register a new profile in Swim Central…here)
Proof of age will need to be provided to your Club at registration day, so please bring a copy. Associated forms that may be required by your new club may be downloaded…here
Current members may renew membership, or update their details, on-line through Swim Central (download instructions on how to access your profile in Swim Central for the first time…here)
Current members will be able to renew their membership from November 1.
Procedures for non-swimming Coach/Technical Officials/Volunteer memberships for 2023:
Procedure to change to a new club if have been previously registered with a different Masters Swimming club in the same year:
Procedures for 2023 second claim memberships: