Find details of clubs under the adjacent tabs, divided for your convenience into geographic regions. In the word cloud of clubs above, the text size and colour ranks clubs according to number of members, and includes direct links to the club website, where available.

Some clubs focus on training for competition, while others may be more into training just for fitness and fun with lots of social activities, so take care to choose a club that fits your needs.

The Bushrangers is a ‘virtual’ club open to anyone who wishes to join the Masters Swimming fraternity,  where there is no masters swimming club in their area. For more details, contact the MSNSW office on 02 8736 1232 or email

A list of club codes, which may be required for competition entry or other purposes, can be viewed here.

Find the location of a pool – anywhere in the world, see

The location of clubs affiliated with MSNSW can be viewed on the map below.