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Champion Swimmer Jenny Whiteley Awarded at the 2019 National Presentation Evening.

Jenny Whiteley from the Ryde AUSSI Masters Swimming Club has been awarded as the 2019 Masters Swimming Australia National Championships ‘Female Swimmer of the Meet’ at the presentation evening in South Australia. Jenny has continued to build on her incredible

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Swimming Through the Silly Season

The Christmas holiday period is typically extremely busy and can also be extremely indulgent. In short, health and fitness is not generally found at the top of Santa’s naughty or nice list, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

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2019 Thailand Swim Camp

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How to Train Like an Elite Athlete (Without Having to Be One!)

Words by Nicolai Morris Too often I see masters swimmers or triathletes train in the pool for a specific distance (1km+) or time, slog up and down at a continuous pace without stopping. For a period, (especially if untrained or

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Jimmy’s Beach Brilliance as Open Water Swimmers Shine!

Swimmers and organisers of the Jimmy’s Beach Open Water Swim could not have asked for better conditions on Sunday the 11th of November. The water was calm, warm and the sky was blue. There was minimal wind and maximum fun!

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Masters Swimming NSW Open Water Success at Lake Parramatta!

On Sunday October 21, a small handful of Masters Swimmers took part in a very special open water swim in Lake Parramatta in Sydney’s inner west. The event was held as a test run for the upcoming 2020 Masters Swimming

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Types of Training by Mark Morgan.

This is the second in a series of columns designed to help you swim at your best at meets, or just better appreciate your swimming experience. Countless words have been written over the years about the different types of training

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Fast Five with Jenny Whiteley

Jenny’s early swimming career began in primary school when she commenced training sessions at Ryde pool under the guidance of Forbes Carlile’s coaching team. Jenny continued to swim competitively until around 16-17 years of age, swimming up to 13 sessions

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See and Fix Basics of Butterfly by Bill Moorcroft

BUTTERFLY Two kicks for every pull. MEDIUM kick the hands IN. MAJOR kick the hands OUT. KICKING KEY POINTS STROKE FAULTS FAULT CORRECTIONS      Dolphin undulating Movement through lower back is essential      Knees bend slightly on downbeat – as feet

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Taper and the ‘Older’ Athlete by Coach Karlyn Pipes

The “big” meet looms on the horizon. All season long you have worked hard, met training goals and maintained focus. Now comes the taper. Yikes! How long should you taper? How much should you train? What happens if the taper doesn’t work?These are

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