Long Weekend Virtual Meet


June 6-8

For all our members waiting to get back into the pool, we hosted another ‘virtual’ meet where members could take part in, and earn points for, variety of ‘fitness’, ‘friendship’ or ‘fun’ activities.

They didn’t need to swim to take part (though that was one of the activities), they took walks & cooked healthy meals to earn points. The more activities completed, the more points earned.

A fantastic, fun weekend filled with activity.

There will be prizes for male & female winners in 3 age groups – 18-34, 35-54, and 55+.



  1. 30 minute walk – 5 points
  2. 1km swim, open water or pool – 10 points
  3. 5km run or 20km cycle  – 15 points
  4. 6 step circuit, 3 sets – 10 points
    click here for a PDF of the circuit
  5. A to Z workout: complete EVERY letter in order, in a consecutive workout – 50 points
    click here for a PDF of the workout 
  6. 45 minute workout: weights and/or resistance bands – 10 points
  7. Yoga or stretch, 15 minutes – 5 points


  1. Phone or Facetime with a fellow masters member, or other good deed – 5 points
  2. Play a boardgame or complete a puzzle – 5 points
  3. Cook or bake a healthy swimmer’s meal/treat and share  – 5 points


  1. Make a ‘swim related’ video & upload to this page (max. of one per day) – 10 points
  2. Take a photo of yourself while doing an event & upload to this page (max. of two per day) – 5 points
  3. 30 minutes work at home, such as gardening or carwash – 10 points
  4. Completely clean out your swim/kit bag (incl. try on your swim suit) – 1 point

Don’t forget to Socially Distance from your fridge, to help “flatten the curve”


      entries open June 6


Photo Gallery

Video Gallery

Programme developed from a concept by Milford Athletic Club.