Multi Class swimming provides meaningful competition for swimmers with a disability.
Disabilities may vary from swimmer to swimmer, so to determine the impact of the impairment on a swimmer’s ability to compete in swimming, the swimmer is required to be classified.

From 2019, Multi Class competition will be integrated with individual events in all MSNSW Championship meets.

Special note re National Championships to be hosted by Masters Swimming NSW at SOPAC:

Our innovative approach to the integration of Multiclass with Masters Swimming age group competition, as used in MSNSW championship meets and outlined on this page, has not been endorsed by Masters Swimming Australia for the National Championships.

MSNSW apologises for any inconvenience to prospective entrants.

How will MultiClass competition be integrated?

The integration of MultiClass competition with able-bodied Masters competition requires a change to how the overall competition results are calculated.

Whereas the existing Masters results system takes into account a swimmers age, it makes no allowance for a disability, and the existing MultiClass results system takes into account a swimmers disability, but makes no allowance for a swimmer’s age.

The method chosen to integrate the requirements of both systems, now on trial for individual events at the MSNSW LC & SC Championship meets in 2019, evaluates each swim and allocates points through a comparison of their swim time against the current World record using a modified FINA points formula.


Swimmer’s placings in each event for the MSNSW Long Course & Short Course Championships will now be ranked according to the above points calculation, rather than strictly on the time swum.

This means that while the relative placing amongst able-bodied swimmers within each age group will not change, MultiClass swimmers may be rewarded for a good swim in their classification by being advanced in the age group placings.


What is Classification?

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For a new Provisional Classification, phone or email NSW Swimming.
SNSW MC Portal –

NOTE: There will be no change to the MSA Medical Disability system – MD’s will still apply.