Multi Class swimming provides meaningful competition for swimmers with a disability.
Disabilities may vary from swimmer to swimmer, so to determine the impact of the impairment on a swimmer’s ability to compete in swimming, the swimmer is required to be classified.

From 2019, Multi Class competition will be integrated with individual events in all MSNSW Championship meets, but not including relay events at this stage.

What is Classification?

Classifications group athletes according to the impact of their impairment on their ability to compete in the sport of swimming. The purpose of classification in Multi Class swimming is to minimise the impact of eligible impairment types on the outcome of competition so that athletes who succeed in competition are those with best anthropometry, physiology and psychology and who have enhanced them to best effect.

Some swimmers may already have a classification card, which simply means that they submit their classification when they register for a swim meet.
There are two steps to being classified.

  1. A provisional classification can be made while you wait for a formal face to face classification to be made.
  2. Apply for the face to face classification through MSNSW, which in turn works with SNSW to have a swimmer classified.
    These may only occur 2 – 3 times per year, in which case the provisional classification may be a preferred first step option.


What are the different classes?

There are 16 classes in the swimming classification system which caters for a range of disabilities.
Each class has minimum eligibility requirements and swimmers must undergo specific Athlete Evaluation or Eligibility process to obtain a classification:

Swimmers receive a class for each stroke discipline, and a prefix indicates which stroke the class applies to:
S Freestyle, Backstroke and Butterfly
SB Breaststroke
SM Individual Medley



For a new Provisional Classification, phone or email NSW Swimming.

SNSW MC Portal –


NOTE: There will be no change to the MSA Medical Disability system – MD’s will still apply.