Posted on Friday 22nd February, 2019

Masters Swimming NSW Coaching Checklist for the Start of 2019

Swimmer Goals

Have you talked to your swimmers and recorded what their goals for the year are? This may be as simple as to keep swimming, more specific as to improving my catch or aimed at targeting events and improving times.

Yearly Planner

Has your club completed a plan for the year by now? This compliments the swimmers goals as you can work with members to target a specific event. I have recently completed the Tuggeranong Year Planner and have attached for you to look at and adapt if you want.

What is the current focus of your sessions?You may have some swimmers heading to Nationals (not too far away) and then State after that. Your squad should be starting to focus on Sprint work (anaerobic phase) to produce optimal results at current and future meets. Quality sessions with increasing rest intervals.Of course, not all your squad are targeting meets, but doing sprint work and dividing the year into cycles provides variety in the program. Just be mindful about catering to all. Don’t forget there are programs available on MSNSW website.

Medical or other conditions. It is timely reminder to your swimmers that it is their responsibility to inform the coaches of any condition that may affect their swimming. There is a medical form available that should be filled out and stored at pool.