All these programs have been tried and tested by a Masters Squad with a wide range of age, abilities and swimming interests.
They are designed for all squads, but everyone coaches differently, so just adapt to suit your style and your squad’s needs.
The programs have been divided into Aerobic and Sprint but, of course there is crossover, and each set is differentiated into Levels 1, 2 and 3.

The Sprint Programs are designed to be used as a lead up to a targeted meet. They are defined by quality effort sets with more recovery time.

The Aerobic Programs are aimed at building fitness and developing technique and are designed to be used in the maintenance stage. The main sets have less rest intervals and cover more distance than the Sprint Programs.

The Coaching Drill Handbook is to be used alongside the Programs as it provides explanations of the Drills and Stroke tips.

Enjoy – I hope you find them a useful resource!

Anne Smyth
MSNSW and MSA Coach of the Year, 2014
Team leader of MSNSW Coaching Group
Head Coach Tuggeranong Masters


MSNSW Coaching Drill Handbook