Posted on Tuesday 24th August, 2021

Online Trivia Night
Saturday Aug 28, 7pm

Limited to 100 entries only!


Things you need to know:

Lookout on Facebook for the event and RSVP on there so we can get an idea of numbers

  • The best way to play is with a large screen on your computer or laptop so you can have Zoom and a browser open together, side by side
  • If you’ve got a device that can only fit one application at a time, like an iPad, then you might need to toggle between Zoom and your browser while we play
  • It’s possible to answer questions on your phone using the quiz link, so that could be an option too
  • All questions are multiple choice (4 possible answers). Players get between 20 and 30 seconds to answer a question.
  • Most questions are worth a maximum of 100 points, but there’ll be a few bonus questions worth double points
  • A timer starts counting down for each question and the points start dropping from 100 to 0. The faster you answer, the more points you get.
  • Answers are shown on the screen after everyone has answered. A leaderboard is displayed on the screen after every round.
  • There are 50 questions in total in a range of categories including General Knowledge, Geography, History, Science – and Swimming!
  • We’ll have 5 rounds of 10 questions, plus some time to chat
  • Find somewhere comfortable to play
  • The session will take around one and a half hours
  • Bring along drinks and nibbles
  • Pat Birgan, your host, will be online from 6:45pm so feel free to jump online earlier, especially if you think you’ll need some help signing onto the game and setting up.


We’ll post a reminder on Facebook on the day with the Zoom and Quiz links.