Posted on Tuesday 4th September, 2018

See and Fix Basics of Butterfly by Bill Moorcroft


Two kicks for every pull. MEDIUM kick the hands IN. MAJOR kick the hands OUT.
     Dolphin undulating Movement through lower back is essential

     Knees bend slightly on downbeat –

as feet follow through the legs snap straight

     Downbeat forces hips & bottom to pop into the air

  Lower back arches lifting legs up to        surface

  Toes are pointed inward. Ankles relaxed        or floppy

Toes not pointed Feet must be turned in
 Knees bend up on  upsweep causing them to drop  resulting in too big a kick Legs have to be extended. Make sure legs are relaxed onupsweep. Bend for downbeat.
Kick too shallow  Whole body must be undulating
Feet not together  Place a band around ankles
One kick butterfly  In sweep too short must beslower and  longer
  Usually every other stroke

  Head lifts forward, push chin forward after      hands come together midway through the      pull – Head out hands out – Head in            hands in.

 Head still down when it shouldbe  lifted  Head IN, Hands IN. Head OUT,  Hands OUT.
 Head late into position  Chin must be tucked in with  back‘rounded’ over water
      Streamline on entry, ride out the stroke

      Forward/Backward – hands enter directly in front of, but slightly wider than, shoulder

      At catch hands travel outwards, downwards, backwards. Elbows

remain high.

   Upward/Inward – hands change pitch sweeping inwards, upwards,

backwards to mid-point of stroke

   Max elbow bend – hands almost together – transition from pulling to pushing action

   Downward/Upward – hands push back – downwards, outwards, backwards completing the push through.

Arm recovery – elbows high but arms swing outwards

 Dropped elbows – decreasespower  of stroke  Swimmer must sweep hands out wide  before starting in sweep
 Arms dragged through thewater.  Hands not outside elbows  Lift arms – ensure hands are outside  elbows
 Head too deep  Maintain streamline
 Hands not to face directlyback  Hands should be pointed slightly
 Arms extended too rapidly. Recovery  too high  Elbows should be extended slowly
  Arms too wide apart  Try fins with hands entering water just  inside the shoulders
 Two kicks for every pull – kick hands in the water.     

 Push-Breathe and down stroke of kick.    

 Breathe every other stroke.     

 Breathe lift head, push chin forward.                                                    

 Wrists and elbows bent early.                                                    

Hands enter directly in front of shoulders.    

 Arm streamlined on entry, ride out the stroke.

 Keyhole pull, create triangle effect.     

 Accelerate through end of stroke.

 Relaxed almost – straight arm recovery.

 Head comes out just before arms comes out and head goes in just before arms go in.