Posted on Monday 27th August, 2018

There is a Champion in All of Us

Meet Colin Cliff. He is 84 years old and absolutely loves swimming. Colin travels around the country to compete in Masters Swimming events. He takes his wife Dorothy with him everywhere he goes. Dorothy absolutely loves watching Colin swimming. It truely makes her smile.

Colin was born in 1935. He was an active member of the Royal Australian Air Force and worked for over two decades in ground communications. 2012 Colin underwent surgery for bladder and prostate cancer. Colin says he loves swimming because it keeps him fit and happy. He loves meeting new people, but mostly loves the friends he has made over the years that he now considers his family.

In March, 2018 Colin travelled to Sydney Olympic Park for the 2018 Masters Swimming NSW Branch Long Course Championships. This film follows Colin on his mission to becoming the State Champion in his age category for 2018.