Posted on Saturday 12th January, 2019

Made for the Role. Tony Goodwin on the World Masters Swimming Championships.

Tony Goodwin from the Manly Masters Swimming Club has been named as the Australian Ambassador to the Fina World Masters Championships in Gwangju in August 2019. Tony is one of Australia’s most successful athletes at Masters Games level. Having won ten gold medals and broken nine world records, He is continually reaching new heights when it comes to his performance in the pool; and was reported as saying ‘he does not want to hang up the goggles yet and is already looking forward to the next Masters Championships in Gwangju in 2019.’

Tony Goodwin in coaching mode running one of his very popular breaststroke technique clinics around New South Wales.

Tony stated  he has always wanted to be a diplomat but the opportunity took a little longer to arise. He is now proud to say he is the Australian Ambassador to the World Masters Swimming Championships in Gwangju 2019 at 82 years old. Not exactly department of foreign affairs but a huge honour and a personal buzz just the same. Tony says that since 1993, he has enjoyed the great health, camaraderie and competition benefits that Masters Swimming has provided and he continually enjoys putting something tangible back to the community.

At the World Masters Championships in Budapest, Tony won gold in the 200m breaststroke for the fourth time in a row, as well as taking home three silver and a bronze. Tony will be helping share any official information about the FINA World Masters Swimming Championships Gwangju 2019 that will assist you in planning your travel. Australia traditionally has 100 plus swimmers enter the meet, and as South Korea is our neighbour, we hope that that attendance will be as strong as possible in 2019.

Tony Goodwin shows his three gold medals. Picture Waide Maguire. / Daily Telegraph.

“This will be a challenge because it is a first, however, we Australians love to rise to challenges. I see the appointment as a chance to stimulate those who can qualify and can afford the trip to come to Gwangju, to compete to the best of their ability and to have fun. If I can be the catalyst to get you there, to be your liaison when we get there and to use my experience to help you through the tribulations of swimming and the huge social ordeal, then I will feel that I have succeeded.”

Further announcements will be made regarding the World Masters Swimming Championships in the new year. Now is a great time to start talking to your coach about planning for the event. All other enquires can be directed to