Posted on Friday 5th July, 2019

‘It’s is in my blood’.
An insight into the world of masters swimming from a mum of two.

Meet Suzie. A 34 year old mother of two from Sydney, Australia who is currently training for a range of swimming competitions around the world. Suzie decided to get back into the pool in her late 20’s after settling down and having kids. As soon as she dove back into the pool Suzie was hooked. Currently swimming around six times a week for the Campbelltown Collegians AUSSI Masters Swimming Club, we managed to get this super busy champion to take five and talk all things Masters Swimming. 

Suzie poolside at the Pan Pacific Masters Games on the Gold Coast in November, 2018.

When did you start swimming?

I first started swimming when I was young and swam throughout high school. I took a break while at university but then rediscovered my love for it when i started doing triathlons in 2014. It was my time away from being a mum/wife. I found that my love of the water was back and joined Masters in 2017. I’ve enjoyed every aspect of it. The friendships, achievements and amazing lifetime memories.

What do you love about swimming? 

I love that its ‘my time‘ and I can focus on swimming and nothing else. I can work hard during training sessions and see the results when I hit the water.

Favourite event?

I love long distances so 400m, 800m or 1500m Freestyle as I can get into the zone and keep swimming. These days I don’t mind a quick 100m to test the speed.

How many times a week do you swim?

At the moment my coach has me swimming 6 times a week (leading into Masters World Championships). Each session has a different focus being long, medium or short and sharp. I love each training session and seeing what pace I can hold.

What upcoming carnivals/ events are you swimming in?

I am part of the Campbelltown Collegians AUSSI Masters Swimming Club relay teams heading to the Masters Swimming NSW Branch Relay Meet in July at Woy Woy. I’ve also registered for the Warringah Branch Meet. These are all stepping stones to the big event which is the World Champs in August. I’ll be racing the 3km Open Water 800m and 100m Freestyle events in the pool. I’ve also set goals for the 2020 Masters Swimming Australia National Championships in Sydney. They’re in April so not too far away. It’s great to set longterm goals as well and the Nationals are always an exciting event on the calendar. 

What was it like to join your first Masters Swimming Club?

When I first joined Campbelltown they were so welcoming. At that stage I didnt really have any idea of what times I would be doing. They just slotted me into a race and the feeling of racing all came back. I’m very honoured to be the Vice Captain of the club and very proud of the clubs history and who we are now. We are so encouraging of all members when they achieve personal goals. We have had members who couldnt swim 50m but through encouragement each week this member is now up to swimming 400m. They may not be the quickest but they achieve it.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of becoming a Masters swimmer?

Masters is all about having fun and giving it a go. You don’t need to be an Olympian to swim. Everyone is there sharing the same passion for the water. I love going to meets and catching up with friends and cheering for each other and celebrating swims.

Thinking of joining a Masters Swimming Club? There are over 50 clubs around NSW. Just head to our clubs page to find the nearest club to you, or you can join our virtual club, the Bushrangers. All you have to do is start!