Posted on Tuesday 20th November, 2018

Meet the Incredible Ladies that Have Broken Five National Relay Records this Year

The Blue Mountains Phoenix Women’s 320+ Relay Team has been on an incredible journey this year. The team of four ladies, all over the age of 70 years old, have been brought together by their passion for swimming. Each swimmer has had their own amazing experiences, set-backs, struggles and triumphs over the years. In 2018 every one of these ladies has stepped it up a gear. To say they’ve been on a winning streak is an understatement. The team has broken five national records just this year alone… and they’re not planning on stopping any time soon.

The winning team at the Masters Swimming NSW Branch Championships at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

The team of Masters Swimmers consists of Liz Wallis (91), Kay Burton (79), Sue Wiles (78) and Nerida Murray (73) which puts them in the 320+ age category for their Masters Swimming relay team. Their winning streak started back in March, 2018 where the team set two national records at the Masters Swimming NSW Branch Long-Course Championships at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. They broke the 4 x 50 freestyle record by a huge 16 seconds. The team went on to break the 4 x 50 medley record by a mammoth 36 seconds.

In May 2018 the team turned their attention to the short course records, setting a new national 4 x 50 freestyle relay record, breaking the previous one by 33 seconds. While they missed the opportunity to tackle more short-course records at the relay meet in July due to illness, they rallied once more in October. At the Warringah Masters Swimming Club’s Branch Point Score Meet they took 15 seconds off the national 4 x 25 medley record and the following week at the Masters Swimming NSW Branch Short-Course Championships they took another 19 seconds off the previous national 4 x 50 medley record.

Sue Wiles ready to race at the Masters Swimming NSW Branch Short Course Championships on the NSW Central Coast.

Over the years the incredible ladies that form this team have been quietly racking up a long list of achievements. Kay, Nerida and Liz have all been swimming since their junior years. Liz has a long list of state, national and world records to her name as an individual swimmer and with previous relay teams. Sue Wiles has a current total of 13 Cole Classic Ocean Swim plates to her name.

Every one of these ladies has experienced set-backs over the years with some not being able to swim as much as they would like. They all praise one another for their efforts, time, commitment and motivation in recent years. Having a goal in mind, the right plan and the continued mateship over the years has pushed them all to new heights.

Their last chance in 2018 to set a relay record for their age group will be at the Novocastrian Masters Swimming Carnival in November. They will be targeting the national 4 x 100 freestyle relay record and are all in good spirits ahead of their target. All of these records will see this 320+ women’s relay team high up in the FINA Masters World Top Ten for 2018.

To be continued…