Screen capture video of the entry process

Sorry, it’s a bit outdated, but is provided in the event that it is useful to those not familiar with the system.

Select the meet name from the link on:

Click on the orange button to go to the online meet entry system

MSA members should click on the  Login  button at top left

Enter your login details, using the same username and password you use for the Membership Portal, and click on the  Login  button.
Any swimmer wanting to represent a second claim club should be careful to login with the separate username & password associated with their second claim membership.
Then, on the following screen, click on the  Meet Registration  button at the right of screen.

International swimmers, or other non-members (where allowed) should click on the  Meet Registration  button

Select the appropriate entry category, and then the radio button for the appropriate entry type, then:

  • Tick the Agreement at the bottom of the page
  • Click on the  Next  button

Select a nominated time from the dropdown list for each event you wish to enter, subject to any restrictions for the meet.

A time MUST be nominated in order to be included in the event.

When all your events are nominated, review, and tick the Confirmation at the bottom of the page, then click on the  Next  button.

If any merchandise is available for purchase, it will be displayed on the next screen.

Depending on the item, you may select variations such as sizing using the drop-down menu and make sure you add the quantity required using the green plus sign. When finished, click the  Next  button.

When all events and merchandise are entered, click on the  Submit Now & Pay Online  button.

Complete your preferred payment details using Paypal or credit card (Mastercard or Visa), and click on the  Submit Payment  button

A confirmation of payment will be displayed on screen, and a payment confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address

Note that these are a confirmation of payment only.
Confirmation of full entry details will be emailed separately, generally in a weekly batch each Friday.