The Vorgee Endurance 1000 program is a swimming program designed to encourage people to compete in distances from 400m to 60 minutes duration in a variety of strokes.

The program is entirely optional, and to achieve the required goals (which relate to gender and age groupings), the swims are done over an extended part of the calendar year. As a result, a certain level of aerobic fit­ness needs to be maintained in order to complete the individual event requirements.


The total number of swims (gaining points) that can be completed is 62 – broken down into:

  • 25 x individual 400m swims
  • 25 x individual 800m swims
  • 3 x 1500m swims
  • 3 x 30 minute swims
  • 3 x 45 minute swims
  • 3 x 60 minute swims

Points are awarded for the completion of each different event. These combine with points gained by fellow club members and contribute to a total point score for each competing club. The highest scoring club will then be declared the Vorgee Endurance 1000 Champion Club.

This program became a National event in 1982 and each year has enjoyed an increase in the number of swimmers competing, thus endorsing its popularity and acceptance with members.

As an extension of the program, the Vorgee Endurance 1000 Award goes to the club averaging the highest number of points per reg­istered member. This is designed to encourage as many members as possible in each competing club to complete one or more events in the Vorgee Endurance 1000 program.

eg; 10 swimmers from a club of 10 members scoring 10 points each – total 100 points (average 10 points each) would beat a club of 5 swimmers out of 50 members scoring 50 points each – total 250 points (average 5 points each).

Endurance 1000 is a National program. Guidelines for the Endurance 1000 program, Endurance 1000 Recording Sheets and Summary Sheets can all be found on the  Masters Swimming Australia website.