2021 Resurrection Pointscore series


This year there will be not be the usual BPS competition, but a bigger and more inclusive competition which will make it easier for all members to score age group points plus total points for their club.


The competition will include:

  • All meets sanctioned by MSNSW run by our clubs (formerly BPS meets)
  • All state championship events
  • Meets run by MSNSW
  • All mini meets sanctioned by MSNSW between 3 or more clubs
  • Virtual swims sanctioned by MSNSW
  • Open water events sanctioned by MSNSW
  • Non-swimming officials who work on pool deck at a meet, and trainee officials (under supervision), will be awarded 10 points for each meet toward their club pointscore


Rules of this new competition can be viewed at https://mastersswimmingnsw.org.au/about/governance/rules-policies/


MSNSW encourages clubs to run meets and also encourages clubs to run mini meets between 3 or more clubs. Hopefully this will allow more members to compete at meets, as there will be more available in the city and in regional areas.

Where possible, we ask clubs to use the base number of officials outlined in the sanction form. However, the number of officials at a meet will be dependant on the size of the meet and will be granted sanction on each individual application. If unsure about the number of officials needed at a meet contact the NSW office for confirmation. In order for records to be set but there must be 1 Referee and 1 Starter and as usual, two times recorded.

Following on from the Branch “Back to the Future Carnivals” from 2020, there will be no marshalling but check starting will ensure swimmers are behind the blocks.

The results of all sanctioned meets must be recorded on the official MSNSW recording system (Mini meets results must be sent to the NSW recorder in a timely manner for recording)

The NSW website will be kept up to date with sanctioned meets and this may change depending on circumstances. The NSW office will keep clubs informed of all meets that are sanctioned and part of our new competition.

Funding is available to assist clubs. Please send an email to admin@mastersswimmingnsw.org.au to request assistance.


The Board of MSNSW recognises 2021 to be a year of “getting back to Fitness, Friendship and Fun” and hopes that this years competition will give everyone the opportunity to get back in the pool or on pool deck amongst friends and do what we all love.