MSNSW Coaching Update and Forum Summary

It was great to see so many at our coaching forum which was held after Day 1 of competition at the branch Short Course Championships at the AIS.

I think we are starting to create a cohesive group of coaches where ideas can be shared and knowledge expanded.

A summary of the forum:

Coach Insurance: Anne Smyth summarised a document sent out by Masters Swimming Australia reminding clubs the scope of the cover provided by the MSA Liability provides cover for all Coaches whilst acting only within their appointment as authorised by the Club. As such it is also recommended that Coaches who engage in activities that may not fall within these boundaries should, for their own protection, seek to obtain their own insurance cover. This can be arranged through the Professional Coaches Association (ASCTA).

Gary Stutsel delivered an informative talk on backstroke rules in relation to turns and starts. Download the text in PDF, or if coaches have any queries about rules on strokes, Gary is very happy to discuss this with you.

Greg Gourley, one of the coaches at Tuggeranong and an IT whizz, presented a very topical presentation on how to use apps in training. Greg discussed the advantages of using apps on iPads in training programs. It is particularly useful in descending sets where you are reducing by e.g. 3 secs – swimmers would spend most of their time calculating their leave time! Also allows reps on times other than an 0 or 5. For example, a swimmer may be comfortable being able to rep on 50 secs but finds reducing to 45 difficult to sustain. The swimmer could go on 47 with the app on iPad beeping on leave time. If you have any questions about this Greg would be happy to discuss this with you. Download a Powerpoint presentation.

Paul Bailey, our current NSW Coach of the Year, discussed ways Warringah Masters have been successful in encouraging swimmers and maintaining attendance at training. Warringah provides organised training sessions with many coaches – so swimmers are getting attention. The club follows a yearly training plan targeting swim meets. The swim sessions are organised and planned with the lead coach outlining the focus of the session and sets the program which the other coaches then adapt for their lanes.

So, the underlying success of a club is planning and ensuring your sessions have a focus where all swimmers are aware of what the session is trying to achieve, whether this be to sprint faster, or develop backstroke technique or is a hard session designed to improve fitness.  Keep this in mind for 2018 and set a yearly plan for your club!

The Backstroke Rules and IT apps are available on the Coaching page of MSNSW website. Under the coaching forum section.

Coaching Happenings:

We have many initiatives happening in coaching for the next few months and going into 2018.

·   Mark Morgan is writing swim blogs leading up to Nationals in Perth 2018 so look out for those. They are on FB and our coaching page on website.

·   Tony Goodwin, breaststroker extraordinaire, has offered to share his breaststroke expertise by running some workshops at swim meets – look out for these!

·   Anne Smyth is running a freestyle workshop for Wollongong in early December and will also be running a session for out new club on the south coast – Sapphire Coast Masters in the new year.

·   Paul and Anne are very happy to come to your club to run a session. Just contact us or the branch office and we will arrange a date.

Anne Smyth

On behalf of the MSNSW Coaching Group