THE OBJECTIVES OF THE ASSOCIATION ARE to promote, foster and market Basketball within Craigieburn and its surrounding areas.  To organise, conduct and take part in special events that will aid in the growth of Basketball within the bounds of Craigieburn and its surrounding district.Our goals are to have Representative Teams in the highest appropriate competitions available at both Senior and Junior levels with both male and female squads to represent the Craigieburn Eagles.
Currently we have Four Representative Squads in the Big V Basketball League, Division 2 Women, Division 2 Men, Youth League 2 Men & Youth League 1 Women. These teams are supplemented with 27 Junior Representative Squads. Their level of competition is available in sub-topic “Junior Program”.
We have over the past years, dating as far back as the early 1980’s achieved many feats. Winning Country Vic and Metro Titles at both Junior and Senior levels, we are inaugrial members of CVIBL the fore runner to the VBL.  The Craigieburn Association has sponsored three tours to the USA at Junior Level encompassing 59 Juniors and have assisted in three members returning to the USA as exchange students and having them placed into various basketball programs. One of our most admirable achievements has been the 19 continuous years of the Craigieburn Junior Challenge Tournament. Now in this new millenium, we are about to expand into a growth stream that must be managed with a total professional attitude.