Your swim meet entry times are transferred automatically from Swim Central, and is generally your fastest official time for an event recorded in Swim Central in the last two calendar years.

The form on this page is in development. Its purpose is to allow swimmers to:

1. To submit a nominated time for an event where you have no recorded time (NT) in Swim Central

If a swimmer does not have a time in the Swim Central database for any particular stroke/distance combination, they will be entered as “NT” and seeded in the slowest heat – “NT” means No Time.

Sumbitting a time will ensure that you are seeded with swimmers of similar ability, and assist us with management of the meet timeline.

2. To edit a seed time transmitted from Swim Central

Maybe you are injured, or you are just getting slower with age (aren’t we all?).
As part of a trial, you can take the opportunity to submit a different time to that transferred from Swim Central for an event for which you are.

When completing this form, please note:

  • The form will be open only after close of entries for the applicable meet.
  • The form will be closed at 6am on the Monday following the close of entries.
  • You should only add times for events which you have entered through Swim Central – if you enter a time for an event that you are not already entered, it will be disregarded.
  • Times must be submitted on a meet by meet basis, and will be used only for the meet specified below.
    Swim Central holds a database of official times only, so they will not be added to Swim Central.

this form is currently collecting data for:

Seaside Pirates BPS meet on June 23

this iteration will close at 6am on Monday, June 17

Available to all entrants following close of entries at midday on June 14.
(currently available only for swimmers entered before June 3)

this form is now closed