Can I enter my nominated time in Swim Central?

No, you don’t need to remember your current times and you don’t need to enter them in Swim Central when entering a meet. The “Entry Time” for each event is drawn from a database of swimmer’s times within Swim Central.
If a swimmer does not have a time in the database for any particular stroke/distance combination, they will be entered as “NT” and seeded in the slowest heat – “NT” means No Time.

In an effort to ensure that as many seed times are in as possible, we are trialling an online form to allow you to nominate a time for an event where there is no available history for you for that event in Swim Central (i.e. “NT”).
From time to time, an email with a link to the form will be sent to those entrants without entry times, to encourage completion of the form.
When completing this form, please note:

  • Times must be submitted on the form before the close of entries for the meet in Swim Central.
  • You should only add times for events which you have entered through Swim Central – if you enter a time for an event that you are not already entered, it will be disregarded.
  • You should add times for events only where Swim Central has “NT” as your Entry Time – if you enter a new time for an event that has a valid Entry Time, it will be disregarded.
  • Even though Swim Central may have “NT” as your entry time for a particular event, if you subsequently have a time uploaded to Swim Central from another swim meet before close of entries, that time may be used as your “Seed Time”, and any time submitted in the form for that event will be disregarded.

Currently collecting data for:

MSNSW LC Championships meet on April13-14

The form will close at midday on the closing date for entries.

Sorry. This form is no longer available.