Live Results


to access the new MSNSW LiveResults mobile app,
click on the QR image, or scan the QR code with your phone or tablet


Please note:

  • Club points & Age Group points are now accessed via buttons on the Results tab 
  • Event List & Entries are now under the new Programme tab
  • When authorised, nominated Team Captains can now submit relay teams via the Relay Entries tab


Saving the App to your device

The Live Results app lives on the web – but can still be added to your home screen like regular apps.

Important note: adding the Live Results app to your phone’s Home Screen is essential for easy regular access – your profile will be remembered, otherwise you will need to sign in each time.

Some phones may give a pop-up prompt to do so, but you can add the app to your Home Screen at any time – select your device to view instructions: