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The Top Ten rankings will include times for swims between January 1 and December 31 of the appropriate year. Swims may include Masters Swimming Australia (MSA) national, branch, interclub or other approved Australian or international swim meets, times from aerobic swims, or MSA club time trials. See National General Rule GR15.

This form is to be used for submitting swim times for inclusion in the Top Ten at NSW branch and National level. Times will not be included in the World Top Ten.
Forms should not generally be submitted by the individual, but by the club Recorder or other official certifying the times to be correct.

Please observe the following instructions:

  • a separate form is required for each swimmer
  • in each space, enter the time swum for the specified distance (50 m, 100m, etc), or the distance swum for the specified time (1/2 hour, 3/4 hour etc);
  • leave blank any spaces where swims have not been completed;
  • submit times for swims from the following categories, but only if they are faster than times already listed in the MSA Results Portal –
    – times from any sanctioned interstate, or international meets not listed in the MSA Results Portal;
    – split times from longer swims at meets (but not including backstroke splits);- times swum in club time trials;
    – times from any aerobic swims not submitted through the Endurance 1000 system.

Do not enter times:

  • for swims already recorded in the MSA Results Portal, whether from MSNSW swim meets, interstate meets, National Championships, FINA  Masters World Championships, or from the Endurance 1000 system;
  • that will be entered into the Endurance 1000 system at a later date;
  • unless they are faster than times already recorded in the MSA Results Portal;
  • for open water swims or those done in tidal pools, as only swims done in bath-type pools are acceptable (National Rule GR6.9);
  • swum before a person joined MSA, or otherwise not a financial registered member.

Entries must be submitted not later than January 14.


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 Top Ten manual entry form – download PDF form if you prefer to complete offline